Christmas Tree Trends 2020

So I can see that everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit early and FAR OUT, I actually don’t blame anyone – WHAT A FREAKING YEAR AND IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!!!

Christmas is always my favourite time of the year, it’s when the magic happens in the home, the sparkles come out, the fairy lights make the loungeroom feel like a wonderland and having Christmas decorations in the home, just makes us feel so much happier right?

The most frequently asked question is, where do I get my decorations from? I made the most incredible Christmas tree set up with the $50 kmart tree. Check it out by clicking HERE!

The secret to getting the tree looking full and pretty is to spraypaint branches gold and white!!!

Yep you got it! Head on over to bunnings, pick up the Dulux or rustoleum spraypaint and raid the bush for dead branches and leaves to spray. Then you can cable tie them to the tree, right at the centre, so you don’t see the cable ties (make sure to trim them)

Wanna know what I am doing this year?

I am spraypainting dried palms which you can literally find by looking up and seeing all of those dead palms on the trees!!! I am always driving past a palm tree with a pair of hardcore snips and cutting them down and shoving them in my mini! HAHA!

The kids get so embarassed, but it’s worth it!!

Then I trim them into a sword shape and spray them pink, white, gold or even orange!!!

Here’s what I will be creating in the next 2 weeks…

So many earthy tones and I am thinking of making decorations with Terracotta paint, stone paint and air dried clay like this…

Let’s see how I go! I know that there will be earthy tones! It really has been the year for natural stones, earthy warm colours and organic shapes, so Christmas 2020 will be ALL about that in my home! And that touch of luxe with gold accents – this is what takes it to the next level baby!

If you are setting up your tree, I would LOVE to see pics, so be sure to tag me @crystalbaileyandco so I can see them!!!

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