Crystal Bailey X Lisa Messenger

Let me tell you a story about a stay at home mum living in Tamworth with a dream bigger than most, but had NO IDEA how to make it happen….

I am the kinda girl that always saw the bigger picture, but often had challenges putting it into actionable steps, so I procrastinated for months, until I was like ‘screw it Crystal, just start and take one step forward’ So then I would and I’d get stuck again. Like what the heck do you do next after the first step??? No one was there to hold my hand on this journey, except one lady all through a book.

Lisa Messenger impacted my life way back in the days of living in a small country town, trying to be an entrepreneur and far out a decade ago without social media or basically no digital technology – it was hard!!!

I was working at every clothing store imaginable, playing shows in the music industry in a band with my family, but I never really felt that this was my purpose. I was living on $500 a week, not really knowing how make a living doing what I loved. I had these dreams, but no action plan, no clue, no really help to guide me and no idea if it was even my purpose!

My Purpose is… What on earth does that even mean? It’s like a question that some will never be able to answer in their lives, which is sad I know. But we aren’y born with a roadmap to life or a stamp on our head saying what our purpose is or how to navigate the entrepreneurial journey are we?

We are all born with a purpose, we are ALL put on this earth to use our gifts in exchange for currency, so we can have the life we desire. As simple as that sounds, OMG it’s so not!!!

So back to Lisa Messenger. Her books inspired me so much, they helped to start the questions rolling around in my mind about what is my actual purpose? Do you know yours?

She has a wealth of knowledge and there’s that old saying ‘don’t take advice form people who aren’t where you want to be or haven’t gone before you and succeeded’ – well it’s something like that! But Lisa is that woman who has gone before us and succeeded, learned the lessons and shared it along the way to help us avoid them or navigate the OH SHIT WHAT HAVE I DONE moments!

I read her books, went to her events and followed along like a mad woman, until one day when she came into my shop that really she also inspired me to build, called Design Twins. She walked in while I was actually building another one in Los Angeles (yeh I was that batshit crazy inspired) and Lisa instagrammed my shop!

I freaked out and casually called the girls in Sydney, where she was at the time and said to wrap up that artwork she just instagrammed and give it to her! So they did and OMG she so wasn’t expecting it and I wasn’t expecting anything more from her either. It was a thankyou for inspiring my dreams and helping me navigate my entrepreneurial journey – which can get so lonely and scary at times. She is the virtual best friend for entrepreneurs that you’ve never had! 😉

So anyway that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We have worked on 9 projects in the last two years from renovating The Collective Retreat, through to painting her bathroom white with undies as face masks, covered in tile paint – having absolutely no bloody idea what we were doing and sharing the journey anyway! It’s always been FUN whatever we have done and it’s been a beautiful exchange without mention of a friendship. It’s not often we hang out, but it’s quality and today is an exact representation of that!!!

I can talk with marbles in my mouth underwater, so you can imagine how long my blogs may be. Nah I will try keep it short, although I am feeling very Carrie Bradshaw right now 😉



Heck yes I am, because her books are exactly what you need to build your business and guide you along the journey.

They are exactly what you need to learn about finances, life, friendship, mindset and rather than go here and there for advice – you only need ONE BBFL to learn from, just like I have and Lisa is your girl!!!


I have asked her to give you guys a special unique discount, so from now on, you can shop her entire collection of full priced products for 20% OFF EVERYTHING!!! Seriously you are officially in the VIP Club baby!

Enter this promo code, save it in your notes and keep it handy for presents, so you’ve always got this discount CRYSTAL20 at the checkout!!!

CLICK HERE to shop her collection, buy them as gifts for entrepreneurs and wrap them up for the Christmas tree! These babies are in stock and ready to rock! (OMG I am now rapping… lol.. or wrapping. far out I’m on a roll…of wrapping paper…) See this is the kinda stuff we laugh about…

Anyway, I would LOVE to see you create your dream life and Lisa has written a book ALL about this, you literally have everything you need to smash this entrepreneurial journey out in one location now with the queen of it!!!

So get your goodies by clicking HERE and get 10% OFF all full priced products by entering promo code CRYSTAL10 at the checkout!!!

Happy Shopping, w/rapping and learning from the best in the biz!!!

C x

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I'm an Interior Stylist that's obsessed with bringing homes to life!

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