About Me!

Hey Guys!

My name is Crystal bailey and I’m starting this blog as an extension of my life, sharing people, stories, products and spaces that inspire me!

I thought I would share a little bit about me first, so here we go!

I started my creative journey when I was 15, spending a decade in the music industry, touring the country with my family. After deciding that it was time to pursue my own journey, I set off to be an Interior Designer, which was what I had always been passionate about..

Enrolling into an Advanced Diploma course in the Sydney CBD, I had originally planned to study for 2 years, but we all know life doesn’t always go to plan and I fell pregnant within the first few weeks of enrolling, so instead, I graduated 8 months year later with a one week old baby!

I then found it a little challenging to get a part time job in the Design Industry, so I moved back to my hometown of Tamworth for family support and then realised that I was far too ambitious for the country.

So off I went back to Sydney and started a little hobby in my kitchen sink called Design Twins! Over 5 years, we grew our hobby into a retail and wholesale company with 3 retail stores, 20 staff and a big online prescence!

When I separated from my husband in 2018  (who was also my business partner), I left knowing that it was time to create my own brand and share my own story to inspire others that they can do the same. It wasn’t the end for me – it really was only the beginning. I wish I knew that back then… but I am grateful for the lessons! It’s all about perspective and time can give you that.

In 2019, I stepped into my Interior Styling and Design dream and designed and styled the most beautiful Luxury Beach houses and Mediterranean spaces around Australia such as The Mez Club in Byron bay and my first big Interior design client was Lorna Jane – ahhh yep it’s true!

I’ve been speaking at events and sharing my journey, to inspire women to step into their purpose and believe in themselves.

I have also been able to design a life that I really LOVE, where I’ve been able to travel the world, set up several businesses online and work for myself.

I believe that everyone can have a life that they truly love, but it all starts with believing in yourself.


It all starts with YOU!

I am excited to have this as the beginning of a beautiful adventure to inspire you to create your dream life!

C x

Published by Crystal Bailey

I'm an Interior Stylist that's obsessed with bringing homes to life!

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